Mega Lighting

Why Mega Lighting you trusted partner

we specialaize in providing light solutions to our clinets through a series of value-added services ,, our service include state of art lighiting design customized solutions and total cost of ownership by reducing energy cost and maintenance costs , we service the needs of clinets across all major sectors  like residential . banking . commercial . . airports . industrial . healthcare .hospitality . retail , and sports 

we have dedicated team of lighting designer that can assist you with functional and application specfic designs. lighting sales ,consultants always avaliable to assist you with your project requirements and the customer service department to ensure prompt and best possible service
we are also passionate to enthusiastic advocated of everything eco-friendly for this . we have adopted a sustainable approach to design and are constantly 
striving to sustain this with as minimal enviromental impact as possible while  preserving as much creativity as we can in the process . we work hard day and night to offer you solution that ensure a high-quality aesthetic while being conscious about our enviromental footprint 

Detailed exquiste . simple .this is the quality of the solutionsthat we offer created to your style and the character of your space .we created light from darkand for us its the best journey we could under take
it all begins with and idea . your idea , our idea the a team determined and highly talnted designers comes together to develop your idea into concept 
this teamthen works closely with architect to improve and execute the conceptand bring the creative and parctical light lighting solutions designed to life 

during this journery starting from our first meeting to the idea to the choice of lighting and execution the clinet becomes part of our family . we hope in that way . to bring light not only to the spaces but to our clinets lives and create a magical experience in both the services and we offer and the spaces we leave behind .. the process is divided into two main parts