Mega Power For Contracting & Electrical Industries

Mega Power Company for Contracting and Electrical Industries is honored to introduce itself:
A joint stock company under Law 4 of the Investment Commission and its administrative headquarters in the Zahraa Maadi area and the headquarters of  Factory Headquarters Fifth Region 
Industrial City, Badr City.
_Our company is honored and pleased through our factory specialized in assembling, manufacturing and supplying low voltage electrical panels
All sizes of the contracted brands (Schneider Electric _ABB), and also after-sales service from the maintenance of paintings and Capbalt
Paintings are manufactured and produced as follows:
1- Low pressure plates A 4000 to up.
2-MCC panels to operate motors and control their speed and protection.
4-Supply of spare parts and original components to companies (Schneider Electric_ABB
 Since we believe that our purpose is that the customer is our first goal, we use the finest materials and an effective method of work in
Manufacturing we offer our customer -: 
1-Plates painted electrostatics.
2- The finest types of copper conductors 12H_ETP.
3- All cutters and components from their original sources (Schneider Electric _ABB),
4- All accessories of the finest kinds.
5- All tests are done on the final product and a test certificate is issued for each panel.
Mega Power Contracting Company also provides services to its customers -:
1-Supply and installation of medium pressure tasks (transformers_ring plates_medium voltage distributors 22 and 11 kV).
2- Service and installation of all components and modifications required for panels on site and rapid intervention in the event of the emergence of any
3- Referral and renewal of paintings with the work of a comprehensive technical study of the project.
4- Making measurements of load variables with providing solutions to save energy and issuing technical reports for them.

POWER ANALYZER / Meger & die electric with working measuring devices_5

Previous Business-:
1_ Public and sub-panels for the project of an administrative building of the State Lawsuits Authority.
2_ Public and sub-panels for sewage stations Assiut.
3_ Public and subsidiary panels for the building of the Export Development Authority.
4_ Commercial boat plates in Hurghada. 
5_ Paintings of Al-Safwa School
6_ Maintenance and modification of public panels and motor control panels in the Mansoura 2 project, the administrative capital.
12_ Public and subsidiary panels for an administrative building 277 New Cairo
13_ Public and subsidiary panels of the administrative building of Libya Oil Company. 
14_ Public and sub-panels of the Zayed Educational Institute. 
15_ General and sub-panels of the Housing and Development Bank, multiple branches.
16_ General and subsidiary panels of the National Bank
17_ Public and sub-panels of NSGB Bank.
18_ General and sub-panels of the Arab Investment Bank. 
19_ General and subsidiary panels of the Edita factory. 
20_ General and sub-panels for the Covertina factory. 
21_ General and sub-panels of Al-Andalus factory 
22_ Public and sub-panels for the Warraq building.
23_ General and subsidiary panels Egyptian Services
24_ Public and sub-panels Hyde Park. 
25_ General and subsidiary panels Misr Insurance
26_ Public and sub-paintings of the village of Tropital.
27_ Public and sub-paintings of the village of Fort Arabesque Sahl Hasheesh. 
28_ Public and branch panels for the branches of run the on.
29_ Public and sub-panels Middle East. 
30_ For pharmaceutical packaging factory